Tired of being RPattz: Heartthrob seeks new nickname

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Robert Pattinson is in Australia this week plugging the hell out of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

And the British star appeared to be getting some things off his chest too!

Now that he’s back with Kristen Stewart after she cheated on him with Brit director Rupert Sanders, the actor made it very clear that he loathed the nickname R-Pattz given to him by the tabloid press.

Sitting down to with Channel 10’s The Late News with Angela Bishop, he said: “I would like to break the hands and mouth of the person who came up with it.”

The heartthrob added: “When I got this part, every single article that came out was ‘RPattz’s struggle for credibility!’ I don’t understand who invented that thing, ‘RPattz,’ I want to strangle them. I thought you’ve got to come up with something else.”


And not only does the nickname R-Patz bother the hell out of him, he also gets pissy when the “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob” phrases are thrown at him, referring to rival characters in the “Twilight” films.

R-Pattz (whoops, I mean Robert) said: “It’s making it like a sport or something. People can’t really watch the films any more… they’re thinking about all this other silliness.”

Oh dear, it doesn’t sound to me as if his therapy sessions back in LA are working for him. It’s only a name Robert…perhaps you are taking all of this a bit too seriously…Chill!

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