Lips Ahoy! Katie Price Parties With Her New Face in LA…

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With so many Brits running around Hollywood right now, some haven’t got a hope in hell of getting noticed, but others – like Katie Price – just can’t avoid the paparazzi scrum.

Out and a-Pout: Katie Price

I like Katie… No, I really I do! But sometimes I think that the little miss needs a lesson (or two) in social etiquette.

I bumped into her at the Château Marmont the other night as she dined with soccer hardman turned actor, Vinnie Jones, and his wife Tanya.

Was it really only a year ago I hung out with Katie and her ex-hubby Peter Andre at Elton’s John’s Oscar bash? My how time flies. Look how much has changed in her life, a new man and um, her very pouty new lips. At least that’s how they looked to me, those beauties seemed even bigger and better than the last pair she had!

All seemed well, though KP did come across rather nervous about the amount of dodgy British journalists loitering around her table desperate to fill their columns back in the UK (er, but not of me of course, eh Kate?)

After Katie broke the ice with a warm: “Hi Sean, how are you?” I looked over and replied with a genuine comment on how good she looked, though I couldn’t help wondering if she truly believed me, as she just stared back at me with a vacant look.

Is she that insecure? Or is it that she has the attention span of a goldfish? Anyway, Pricey seemed far more concerned about texting from her Blackberry than chatting to her dinner guests. At one point Vinnie [Jones] even looked over and shouted: “Oi, who you texting now?” and Katie replied: “I’m texting Alex [Reid]!”

Ah, so it all makes sense now, there was me thinking Katie was on some self-promotional trip to LA LA land, but now I hear she followed her new husband Alex Reid over here, probably to keep an eye on him. Reid is currently in Southern California filming scenes for his new reality martial arts TV show.

Katie, codependency is a word widely used here in Hollywood, look it up, don’t fall into habit of being too into your man… or your lips for that matter love!

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