Li-Lo’s Not Such A Mean Girl

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David Attenborough, Michael Buerk, Michael Palin… Lindsay Lohan’s not the first person that springs to mind when you think of a documentary on the ‘Beeb’ (BBC), but the wild child is the face of an upcoming prog about child trafficking in India.

Linz caused controversy while filming the show in December when she claimed on Twitter that she’d rescued 40 children. Activists revealed that she didn’t arrive for filming until the children were already safe.

But even though she’s got a lot of stick over her motives (In the words of Smashy and Nicey, “I couldn’t possibly talk about my charidee work mate”), I’ve got to give her credit (well a bit anyway).

Lindsay visited the SANLAAP (women and children’s charity) home in Kolkata and local hospitals to give toys to sick children and the doc’s director, Maninderpal Sahota, said Lindsay’s behavior was impeccable. He said: “She slept in the same hotels, traveled in the same cars, just asked the right questions and clearly empathised with the children in a way hardened reporters might struggle to have done.

“When we finished, we had to race to the airport chased by paparazzi.

“That’s not the kind of thing you get if you work with Michael Buerk.”

No, but Michael Buerk wouldn’t ask for money to do an interview to promote the show either – which reportedly Lindsay did with Radio Times.

Still a long way to go love…

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