Emma Ridley: Her Fame Bug Is Back!

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Long before Paris, Nicole, the Kardashians,Katie Price (aka Jordan) and Kerry Katona, there was Emma Ridley and Amanda de Cadenet.

And if reality TV had been around in the late 80’s those two girls would have been all over the telly! Wild doesn’t even come close!

However, de Cadenet is now a much sought after top A-list celebrity photographer and mother of three, and Ridley is now a fitness instructor in Southern California – but the fame bug won’t stop chasing her!

Married for the third time, with three gorge kids, the wildchild-turned-businesswoman is being chased all over Hollywood by TV companies trying to sign her up.

She’s currently being followed by a reality TV crew as she runs her school Goddess Fitness Dance and looks after her family and isn’t averse to a bit a of self-promotion a la Paris and Kim.

“Can you imagine if I was on TV back in the Eighties like the Osbornes?Honestly, Amanda [de Cadenet] and I would have been bigger than Paris and Nicole!”

I couldn’t agree more. Just yesterday Ali McKay from KTLA news visited Emma’s fitness studio to do a segment. “I’m on a roll right now,” Emma said, “I’ve just finish a pilot for show called Spoiled Rotten, about my life here in LA and behind-the-scenes goings on at Goddess Fitness Dance. There’s a buzz about me brewing all over again which is kind of weird, and I’m just going with it.”

And she’s in demand across the pond too.

She told me: “I was asked to Celebrity Big Brother in the UK last year, but I think that I would have been exposed to things I might not have been able to handle.” Somehow I think you can handle anything Em!

For more on Emma’s pole dancing classes, go to: www.goddessfitnessdance.com

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