Use your head: inversions are good for you!

In today blog from, we are going to talk about the benefits of headstands. They not only cool, they are very fun too!

                Headstands also have health benefits and here are just ten…..

  1. They encourage you to breathe!When you are upside down, you have to feed your muscles correctly with the right amount of oxygen…otherwise you can guess what happens!!!
  2. They encourages you to focus: Focus is essential in this unnatural posture for obvious reasons….therefore this brings improved concentration levels in other areas of life.
  3. They give you a mini facial and may prevent you going grey: We re-direct blood flow to the head and scalp, bringing nutrients with it! Notice how you go red after a head stand – good for skin because it gives you a glow and improves the appearance of skin!
  4. They benefit the Lymphatic system: This directly stimulates the system by reversing it and therefore helping remove toxins from the body!
  5. Switches on the stabilizing muscles: The core and various muscles around the shoulders and the back are used – with massive benefits for us in terms of posture and balance in daily life (especially people who work in an office).
  6. They promote the circulation and unblock your circulatory system: Any poor blood and air flow involving the heart and lungs will quickly be put to the test and involve the blood and air changing direction within the body, which can be good for the system.
  7. Improves cardiovascular function: The heart and lungs will work together and be put under less stress, due to being in an “anti-gravity” state.
  8. Stress relief: This move will relieve stress and enable you to take the weight off your feet, change the pressure of blood and air flow around the body and enable you to focus on the most important thing in life – you.
  9. Strengthen arms, shoulders and the core: They build up the small stabilizing muscles found in these areas of the body and this will be felt in daily life when carrying or shifting objects like bags of shopping etc!
  10. They improve digestion: By reversing the digestive track, we create blood flow to important organs, cleaning out old material, blockages and trapped gasses!!! hahaha!


Warning! – Only attempt if you are physically fit to do so! Go have some fun and be careful when you start up – begin with a partner and you can laugh with each other too! As you can see, there are many benefits to headstands and when you attend the body camp, you will find out how much fun they actually are…


Rick Parcell

Strategic Intervention Coach