The Journey Ahead: the importance of your own roadmap

IT OFTEN SEEMS that contemporary society tries to brainwash us from our earliest years that we need to strive desperately for success, money and lots of shiny things to make us happy.

But as our consciousness develops and we develop the capacity for self-reflection, it surely seems worth defining what success means to each of us, rather than have it dictated by another. So this column will focus on these issues. What is your definition of success? Where does it lead to and what path are you on? What obstacles are going to be in your way? How will you respond? What’s your “response -ability” like to outside events along the road? It’s not enough to know where you want to go, you need to be adaptable, resilient and resourceful.

Here at The Body Camp in Ibiza ( one of the many things we look at in the first few days is a “Mind Map” for your brain to follow daily – to help guide you to success for the year. On it are the following kinds of questions, which will support your brain to get you to the success you serve this year and in the years ahead.

  1. What is your primary question for 2017?

A primary question is a question which gets your brain thinking in the right direction for success. It can be asked at any time of the day and will help us think in a better way. Some people ask some unkind questions for example “why is my life like this” or “why am I never happy”. These questions lead to a poor path of thinking and possible mood swings, which could lead to poor eating and drinking habits etc. Here are some fantastic examples of better primary questions….

“In this moment, how can I be more grateful?”

“Today, how am I going to eat more natural foods and far less processed foods?”

“Today, how am I going to contribute to my family?”

Asking yourself these kinds of questions can provide immediate paths to action and focus on positive upliftment, not negative commentary.

  1. What is your top value in 2017?

Values are usually unconscious and learnt over time. They dictate our decisions daily, lead our lives and set our standards daily. For example someone my say family is their top value..therefore most of their decisions are based on what the family needs and wants. Other people may say health – this would mean that all their decisions would come from a base of health consciousness. It’s important to ensure your values are the values you want in your life and not other peoples’, as this could have devastating consequences and lead you down the wrong path.

  1. What is your definition of success in 2017?

This is another great question – most people want to be successful but have no idea what success to them means. Not many people say “to have a happy, loving marriage” or “a great relationship with my kids”. Another version of success is to ‘earn some money’ but they never say exactly how much. Maybe it’s to buy a house but they never say where it is, how much it will cost and get specific. It’s important to get super specific with your success goals in 2017! Do you ever get in a taxi and say ‘take me anywhere’? Of course not. As the saying goes: if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there!

Have a think about the above questions and ensure your life is on a path to success in 2017. With some simple questions to yourself, which we talk about at, its easy to achieve anything your heart desires this year – and beyond.


Ricky Parcell

Strategic Intervention Health Coach