Got a Brain Wave? Know Which Kind?


Our brain is an incredible computer which can achieve many things – when used in the correct fashion! Becoming aware of the mind can lead to a new understanding of how to tap into its power and unleash its potential. In this week’s column we will find out what it’s like to ride each of the brain waves and breakdown what they mean to us when we surf them….

GAMMA WAVES – “The Zone” 

Gamma: Peak concentration, exceptionally high levels of cognitive functioning and feeling like everything you touch (for example – when playing a sport) is simply called being “in the zone”.  People with high levels of Gamma tend to exhibit extraordinary intelligence, compassion, strong memory and incredible self-control. Seasoned meditators, like monks and nuns, often have elevated gamma brain wave activity. Compassion and loving-kindness practices appear to yield the highest level of Gamma waves….

BETA WAVES – “The busy, monkey mind

Beta: Beta is associated with over-thinking, alertness, high arousal, being busy, cognition and over-concentration. Beta waves represent our normal waking consiousness and logic. At higher levels, Beta waves can trigger stress, anxiety and restlessness. Most guests who attend our retreat and many people operate on Beta waves throughout the day.

ALPHA WAVES – “The Meditate state”

Alpha: This wave is one of deep relaxation and the twilight state between sleep and waking. Alpha waves also encourage increased serotonin production. Meditation and access to the unconscious mind fall within the Alpha realm. The higher end of Alpha results in a relaxed, yet focused state with increased intuition, reduced stress levels and improved clarity of thought.

THETA WAVES – “Nodding off and light sleeping”

Theta: Dreaming (REM sleep), increased creativity, relaxation, super-learning and heightened memory are all characteristic of theta waves. Theta also encourages memory and learning skills. Trance, deep meditation, access to the unconscious mind and a feeling of deep spiritual connection all belong to Theta.

DELTA WAVES – “Deep sleep”

Delta: Delta is a dreamless, deep sleep state with loss of body awareness. The brain in this zone can trigger large quantities of healing and help create growth hormone within the body.

We hope you have enjoyed surfing and understanding these waves. Which one do you need to catch more often, dude?


Rick Parcell

Strategic Intervention Health Coach

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