Stop complaining. Start organizing.

Strange times we are living in here in ‘murica. Our political system is being exposed for the sham that it is. I mean seriously you cannot write this stuff. I’m sure Oliver Stone is waiting for that call to direct ’45. aafter Nixon, JFK, and the lesser known W.

Guess what? You’re fired!

As most of you probably know, President Trump fired the head of the FBI, James Comey this week just days before he was due to testify about Russia’s interference in our 2016 election.

This comes just days after the also fired former acting attorney general Sally Yates testified to senators about her role in warning the incoming Trump administration that General Michael Flynn was compromised because of false statements he had given about speaking to the Russians.

Now I’m no conspiracy theorist, but something tells me this is all very convenient for the Flump and current attorney general, Jeff Sessions, who recused himself from any questioning regarding Russia’s alleged interference into our elections. (Yes they can do that).

From my perspective, Trump is concerned that the public and the press are getting dangerously close to finding out what exactly happened, (often called the truth). And the best way to stop them, in the President’s mind, is to fire the man who is leading the investigation and replace him with somebody more compliant.

The White House did give some excuse about what a poor job Comey did regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails. Which admittedly he did. But that was back in July of last year. So why fire him now?

And the spineless orange one didn’t even have the respect to tell Comey to his face (I guess he’s not on The Apprentice anymore) Comey found out like the rest of us, via the media while he was leading an FBI recruitment drive in Los Angeles. You can’t make this stuff up!

Needless to say, the Cheezit-in-Chief can, by law do all of this we are straying close to Nixonian territory, where the President thought he was above the law. We all know how THAT turned out.

Now more than ever we the public deserve a transparent government and an honest leader. So we must demonstrate and protest and take to the streets and bombard both the House and the Senate’s phone lines and emails, demanding an independent investigation into the Russia ties and bring the truth out once and for all. Sorry to say it but we have a battle on our hands because some (if not most) of the republicans are putting party before country. And as they have the majority in both the house and the senate, we the people have a tough job on our hands. We don’t have the luxury of fast forwarding through this part of the movie to find out the ending. We must be in this picture, stand up, rise up and be the supporting cast in order to secure a happy ending for the people.

But what we do have is our voices, our minds, our dazzling keyboard warrior skills and our right to vote. Come 2018 we have the mid-term elections, when we have the chance to overturn this corrupt government and make the Cheeto-king accountable for all of his vile behaviour and actions.

On Sunday, June 11th at 9am there is a tremendous (yes I used THAT word) march at Hollywood and Highland. I invite you to join me and thousands of others to march peacefully but loudly and send a clear message around the nation that this new norm is not okay.

Okay rant over and by the way you don’t have to agree with me politically, but you must admit that this country looks like its engaged in some grotesque panto rather than getting on with the serious job of being leader of the free world.


Breathe, everyone!

Craig Young