Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much.

If the title of this article sounds familiar it’s because this is the mantra delivered a couple of years ago by leading American food writer Michael Pollan. It sounds so simple and yet like many of the most simple things it is also simply great – and it is a perfect recipe for leading a healthier life.

Here at The Body Camp on Ibiza fully 80% of the delicious nutrition that we serve to up to twenty guests every week is plant based. This is because we believe being as close as you can to natural food, natural exercise and close to nature is what life is all about! Here are 10 reasons why a plant based diet and getting closer to nature works….


  1. 1. Reduced risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. By eating a vegan diet, we can reduce the risk of clogging up the arteries and capillaries within the body with processed foods. Animal products can be rich in saturated fat and cholesterol  – which are a major contributor to both heart disease and diabetes.


  1. 2. Vegan food is medicine for the body. Vegans tend to have lower rates of cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, strokes and even Alzheimers.


  1. Stay in shape easily. In general, the more animal products we eat, the greater the chance of being unhealthy. With vegan diets, the body is able to break down and use the food in the correct way because its designed to break it down and use it properly for energy and not have to work hard to breakdown animal products.


  1. Showing kindness to fellow earthlings. The meat and dairy industry help the general public believe that happy animals are dying in a humane way. Do you ever see a glass slaughterhouse or hear of free visits to them? What’s the difference between our pets – like cats and dogs in our homes, to chicken, cows or fish kept in farms to feed us?


  1. Animal products can sometimes perhaps cause health problems. Dairy products can sometimes contain bacteria, antibiotics, hormones and other toxins. These and other dangerous bacteria can live in the flesh of animals. And when you eat them, guess what, they can get transferred to you.


  1. Animal products are not needed anymore. It’s not necessary to kill farm animals and therefore is cruel. Some people do it because of tradition or learned behavior from family tradition or society. Farmed animals or any creature that is bred to be eaten has suffered – therefore we possibly digest bad feelings and their suffering.


  1. Being Vegan is kinder to the planet. With the rape of the oceans from overfishing some experts now predict a fish-free ocean in as little as 33 years. Up to 50% of man-made pollution comes from the meat industry….seven billion people are gobbling up the world’s animals and wildlife at an alarming rate.


  1. Incredible new foods and dishes to experience. There are over 20,000 species of edible plants in the world. This opens up a whole new world of different healthy foods and exciting recipes.


  1. Improve your body fat and still get enough protein. Meat and diary are difficult for the body to digest – they can take up much of your energy and leave you tired. For those worried about lack of protein – look at these facts …Rice is 8% protein, corn 11% protein, oatmeal 15% protein, beans 27% protein. Plant protein comes from a far lower source of fat than animal protein…therefore you will be low in body fat all year and look great!


  1. Become happier. When you don’t eat animal foods, you don’t ingest stress hormones the animals produce before they are killed. Vegas report less anxiety, depression, anger and fatigue. Higher levels of antioxidants in plant-based foods can elevate the mood and also give the feelgood factor. When you combine this with daily exercise, lower body fat levels will also begin to appear as a cool side effect!


Veganism is spreading across the world and is becoming very popular in the wellness world. We recommend watching the movie “Earthlings” and “Food Choices” especially if you are seriously considering eating a plant-based diet. Or maybe you can just visit the Body Camp in Ibiza, to enjoy our amazing plant-based food instead? It might be the beginning of something beautiful…..


Rick Parcell • Strategic Intervention Coach •