Ten reasons to do it doggie style!


At The Body Camp in Ibiza (www.thebodycamp.com), all guests get the honor of living with our infamous dog “Rebel” for seven healthy and mindful days – he is our mascot, leader and reminder how to live life to the full! He is a daily reminder to everyone at the villa that behaving like dog is one of the best ways we can live our life. 


Here’s just 10 reasons why:

  1. Always be Brutally honest

How a dog feels is never in question….when a dog is unhappy it shows – they withdraw and make sad noises! When a dog is happy, they wag their tail like crazy and are full of energy.

  1. Live in the present moment

They don’t worry about the past or future…they realize the present is the real, true gift for all of us to enjoy!

  1.  Able to go from zero to excited – very quickly!

Just telling them they are leaving the house can get them excited – imagine being able to get into this mental state of happy, so quickly without alcohol, food or drugs!

  1. Communicate if unhappy and don’t hold grudges (Good boundaries)

When feeling threatened by another dog or person, they bark straight away and don’t hold back. Afterwards you don’t see the dog act like they have grudge against the thing that upset them. Imagine being able to let arguments go and not carry them around with you in the mind all day.

  1. Don’t feel guilt about chilling or relaxing

Dogs do not need an invitation to relax….they do this anywhere and never seem regret it! Why do we feel guilt if we do rest sometimes?

  1.  Accept circumstances and don’t try to change things

Whatever the situation a dog finds itself in….cafe, park, car etc. it does not grumble and complain. A dog just accepts and enjoys the moment wherever they are.

  1.  Don’t worry about death and fear very little!

Dogs don’t seem to be aware of the concept of dying and seem to fear very little (including moving transport) Perhaps if we all had this within us, we would find life less stressful?

  1.  Just have fun!

Dogs need no excuse to have fun – they simply find an object to play with and just do it.

  1. Don’t drink or use food / other substances to forget or suppress emotions to feel good.

You don’t see many dogs drowning their sorrows at the bar or eating fast foods to feel good. They seem to eat when they are hungry or food is given to them. If they have an emotion, they display it clearly and get it out – they don’t look for the nearest alcoholic drink to numb any pain.

  1. No judgement  – whatever you do to dogs, they are the same.

Dogs constantly offer unconditional love and if you accidentally harm them (for example step on them), they don’t judge you for it. They continue to love you – even though they may be in pain.


Dogs are a constant reminder that we make the human experience sometimes far too serious and complicated. Have a think about your daily behavior ….when was the last time you walked up to tree or lamp post, cocked a leg up and looked the other way?!

Rick Parcell

Strategic Intervention Health Coach