Summer is here: what are you waiting for?


There are so many benefits to living in a beautiful place during the summer months; not only do we get to enjoy the beauty and the fresh air, but by enjoying it we can get fitter too.

I am mainly based at The Body Camp in beautiful Ibiza (, where we pride ourselves on being the earliest and only retreat to open here from February to November. This is due to a high demand for our fun and challenging weeks from clients all across the world. But though most folks do love the sun, sometimes clients will voice concern about exercising in the summer heat. This is never a problem because we use the heat in an intelligent way. In fact, it’s actually much more beneficial for guests to come in the summer. There are many benefits of coming here in June, July and August. I couldn’t narrow it down to a top ten, so here are my top 11 instead:

  1. You get to swim in the amazing swimming pool water much more often (on a daily basis)

Using a pool daily for sports, games and fun circuits to improve co-ordination with stability exercises, strengthening the core, upper body, the back muscles, lower body and the joints – is something that simply can’t be done using a pool outdoors without the summer months.

  1. You get to enjoy the beautiful sea.

The lovely heat that summers produce ensure paddle boards simply must be used every Wednesday at The Body Camp – ocean swims are also encouraged and are fantastic for toning the whole body, improving well being and mind calmness.

  1. You learn to breathe properly by using the swimming pool.

The swimming pool in the summer months is the best place to learn to time the way we breathe, when we swim using different strokes.

  1. You drink much more water, aiding recovery and detoxification.

The summer heat encourages regular water intake and ensures that nobody forgets to hydrate on a regular basis. This improves concentration levels, wellness and helps the body eliminate poisons like alcohol and sugary drinks.

  1. You eat more greens and smaller portions.

Most people reduce their food intake in the summer because they are properly hydrated and do not feel the need to eat as much food. Winter months can encourage comfort eating – a quick example would be on a cold day someone may feel very cold, therefore may try to find a meal which warms them up (this can sometimes be comfort eating).

  1. You warm up quicker and save vital time.

When warming up in colder climates, it takes much longer to prepare the body for the exercise that follows. In summer, the body is warm within minutes – therefore, there is no need to spend 10-20 minutes warming up!

  1. Less prone to injuries.

In warm weather, muscles become warmer and more elastic much quicker – therefore the threat of injury is reduced because the muscles are much more softer, prepared and heated to be able to workout.

  1. Exercising in completely new environments and areas.

In colder climates, most exercise takes place indoors – mostly inside gymnasiums, due to cooler temperatures outside. In the summer, the bodycamp uses shaded outdoor areas daily to exercise – such as under huge trees for boxing, abs and circuits, under cover of woodlands for hikes, yurts for meditation and water-based workouts every day, like the clear sea and the blue oceans.

  1. Increased chance of vitamin D intake.

With most people deficient in vitamin D due to limited exposure to sunshine, its clear to see that even five minutes a day of a small amount of exposure to sunlight could be of benefit to the skin and the body. In the summer months, this is not a problem because we can limit our exposure to the sun to five minutes or more – if we choose too.

  1. Increased happy mood state.

Weather plays a huge part in people’s moods and happiness some studies have suggested – therefore the summer months can maybe bring fun and sunshine to everyone!

  1. You play more 80’s music.

Enough said!

Enjoy the fun and heat the sun brings to our lives. It has many positive effects on us, especially when we exercise in it in moderate amounts. So keep that warm sunny outlook!

Rick Parcell

Strategic Intervention Coach