Avoiding the Blame Game

In this week’s blog from Ibiza’s #1 health retreat, we are covering a subject which is a challenge to everyone, every day in every way. I’m talking about taking responsibility and not playing the blame game!

Some people believe that FOOD is the cause of all their health problems and it’s this that makes them overweight or unhealthy.

Others “blame” ALCOHOL and they may need a drink to have fun, “take the edge off”  or relax after a hard day’s work – because the work was so tough “it made them drink” – of course!

     Others say their FRIENDS or FAMILY “make” them do things, eat things or drink – which can contribute towards large portions and hangovers after social events.

There are even people who feel bad or guilty about letting people down – therefore they “must not let the family/friends down” and then BLAME them for over eating and “making them visit”!

Or it could be an occasion like Christmas or a birthday – when some people blame it on the time of year!

I’ve even heard people blame the environment that they live in (for instance people who live in large cities are often surrounded by various temptations). Agreed; the environment is a massive issue and plays a large part in peoples choices. But what we find at The Body Camp (www.thebodycamp.com) is that if someone has a strong enough “why” to achieve something or do something and begins to take responsibility for all decision making, then this can support and indeed help their daily decisions and keep them on the right path.

Do you know what the real problem is most of the time? We are the only real problem and the ones who decide on decisions – no one else! Have a look at the following two meanings:

1.Response-ability – are you able to respond in a positive way to events in life or food/drink choices?

2.Response-able – Are you able to respond to to any situation and make a better decision?


We are in complete control of the way we respond and react to what is happening to us on a daily basis. We can choose to react in a positive way or a negative way to an outside circumstance, life event or a situation which will take us by surprise – if we can begin to learn to understand, pause and respond every time something happens to us we can realize that WE ARE IN CONTROL.

Its NEVER anyone else’s fault – We always have the choice in life to react in a positive way!

We live in a cause and effect world and when we do something,  there is always a reaction in our world. This rule is especially important to keep in mind – when it comes to food and drink choices or health problems.

Understanding that we are NEVER in control of our external world but are IN CONTROL of how we react to it – can make a huge difference by empowering us and helping us know that we can make a positive decision around ANY event, circumstance or tempting situation we may find ourselves in somehow!


Rick Parcell

Strategic Intervention Coach