Meet a Member: Beau Fowler

Meet Beau Fowler, a film director from London who is halfway through getting the O1 visa process and hoping to make the move to LA by year’s end.

PHOTO: Simon Fowler

What prompted you to move to LA?

This city is the film hub of the world, offering many more opportunities than London. I love the positivity, and proactivity. My style as director is more welcomed in LA and the US in general than the UK.

What do you expect to miss when you make the move here?

Other than family, London’s public transport. It’s so easy to get around without having to drive!

What was your first impression of Los Angeles?

First impression was the incredible sun and general positivity of the people.

Do you have any hidden gems to recommend?

My hidden gems are my friends who already live here.

What would you suggest for anyone who wants to make the move here?

Make sure you are serious, and proactive. And wear sunscreen, lots of sunscreen.

Do you have any words of wisdom you’d like to share with us?

Aspire to Inspire before you expire.

How can we find out more about you. On what projects are you currently working?

My latest short film is ‘Express Delivery’ directed and starring myself, has won five awards, most recently recently ‘Bet Action Short Film of the Year’ and ‘Male Action Performer of the Year’ at the Action on Film Festival in Monrovia last month. While we continue the festival run, we’re currently developing the screenplay for the feature, and have several other features in development including a supernatural revenge thriller called ‘3 Days of Dark’. Other than that, I’ve been auditioning, training, and producing various projects through my production company Ki Films. You can find more about me online at