His music lives on…by George!



FANS of the late George Michael were rejoicing this week after the release of a new single from the late musician, titled “Fantasy”.

The track was remixed by another music legend – Nile Rodgers – using a B-side from Michael’s “Freedom ‘90” single – and the cut has already been dubbed a masterpiece.

Chic founder and in-demand producer Rodgers admitted having “mixed feelings” working on the track, just months after Michael’s death.

He said: “This process was extremely emotional for me.”

Reaction to the mix has been largely positive, with people calling it “uplifting” and “simply beautiful”.

‘Fantasy’ was one of the first songs George wrote after the monumental success of his Faith album in 1989 when he was becoming frustrated by the trappings of fame.

He abandoned the single’s poppy style and reinvented himself with a more plaintive sound on 1990’s Listen Without Prejudice. But, according to George’s manager David Austin, the singer revisited ‘Fantasy’ last year.

Austin told Radio 2’s Chris Evans: “George phoned up Nile Rodgers, his good pal, in early 2016 because the two of them have always spoken the same musical language, and Nile has reworked the record.”

The remix – which features new guitar and vocal hooks – came after George’s sisters Melanie and Yioda revealed they planned to continue their brother’s legacy through “his extraordinarily beautiful music”.

Fantasy will feature on a deluxe version of Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1 / MTV Unplugged, out October 20.