Keeping calm and carrying on

I really struggle to write this column after yet another tragic event. But then I remind myself that when I’ve been through a personal crisis I really do want the people surrounding me to actually ‘keep calm and carry on’.

It’s particularly difficult when we are far away from home and have nobody around to seek comfort from. Im currently in the UK with my Brits in LA partner-in-crime Craig Young. So it was extra nice to receive feedback from our weekly Brits in LA Pub Quiz host  Sandro Monetti this morning. First off he wanted to wish a very happy birthday to Craig but he also wanted to report that the Brits in LA pub quiz goes from strength to strength with the Cat and Fiddle – already packed with players 40 minutes before the start time on Tuesday night and a real scramble for seats…but still a lovely, positive, fun, atmosphere.

And just 24 hours after the Vegas massacre, it was so nice for our shaken community to come together and heal and smile again.

Winners: Her Majesty’s Secret Cervix (Photo: Frank L’e Sanford)

The winners this week were On Her Majesty’s Secret Cervix – the second all-American team to win the Brits in LA pub quiz in what is increasingly shaping up as a Brits vs Americans friendly rivalry. Long may that continue as we move forward together.

Be safe out there…