Aren’t we all addicted to SOMETHING?

In this weeks blog from, we are talking about something that concerns us all – addiction!

The question I often ask myself is: are we all secretly addicted to something?

Our “automatic choice” comes in many forms – some of the obvious addictions in the press being drugs and alcohol. But there are many other addictions also that we may be not aware of that may already be dictating our lives unconsciously.

So what is an addiction? Addiction is a condition that results when someone ingests a substance or engages in an activity that can be pleasurable – however the continuation becomes compulsive and begins to interfere with responsibilities and concerns such as work, relationships with others or health. Most people who have developed an addiction may not be CONSCIOUSLY aware that their behavior is out of control and causing problems for themselves and others around them.

what can you become aware of on a day to day basis – based around your choices and behaviors?

Heres a list of possible addictions that are part of our daily lives.

TV Shows (I used to personally be addicted to Top of the pops, Dallas and Baywatch! and box sets…!

Sweet foods – chocolates, croissants and haribos! (I must confess I am still addicted to Cadburys Milk Tray)

Shopping – the thrill of buying new stuff!

Money – spending it or indeed saving it.

Internet – Facebook, laptops, checking emails and social media.

Coffee and coffee shops (another addictiion of mine!)

Carbs – breads, baked stuff and pasta etc.

The Sunshine – some people love the warmth and the comfort and spend hours in the sun.

Going to the pub – The comfort of the reward drink after work or to “take the edge off”.

Work – The sense of purpose and drive for distraction from everyday life.

Dairy and Fats – cheese and cow milk, etc.

Daily Mail online/ showbiz gossip – need I say more?


Which addiction from the above list has some form of control over you? Can you become aware of it and reduce the amount of time indulging in this – would it benefit your life?

But here’s the good news: here’s a list of things that may be healthy addictions – but again like anything in life, these can be enjoyed too much and also become addictive – beware!!!


Deep breathing


Gentle exercise Walking, for example

Plant based foods



Self improvement – devouring books or vidoes (although I strongly recommend

But can you spot the MAJOR difference with the first and second list? The first list places our reliance on external objects or subjects to feel good. But the second one is about getting addicted to the relationship with yourself internally and inside the body and mind to feel good.

To summarize – we must always remember one thing. We are always at cause in our world. The choice of what you want to become consciously aware of on a day to day basis, your habits and behaviors and what addiction path you choose – is entirely yours!


Rick Parcell

Strategic Health Intervention Coach