Top Ten Tips for Damage Limitation this Christmas

By Ricky Parcell

Every Christmas most people do the same thing – eat more and then have to eat extra portions because “it’s Christmas”….

For those people unfortunate enough to be able to attend the UK pop up camp (at the beautiful Osea Island near London, Feb. 3rd-24th) here are my 10 top tips.

  1. Fill your plate with vegetables first!

Ask the family to fill your plate with vegetable first, then the meat. This will help your body feel fuller quicker and reduce the amount of meat eaten over the holiday period. This in turn will help your body digest food easily and reduce build up of meat in the body, over the festive period and make you feel heavy – not to mention increase the chances of heart disease and clogging up your arteries in the process.

  1. Drink lots of water before large meals!

Drink a pint of water before you sit down and eat or drink anything at the dinner table or the party. Sometimes we have been so busy during the day that we forget that we need to rehydrate……and then we drink ANYTHING!!!!!

  1. Make a healthy cake and take your own dessert!

Taking your own dessert or cake increases the chances of you eating something you would like to eat – that is more healthy and keeping control of your possibilities for sweet foods in other peoples homes.

  1. Workout before attending a dinner or social gathering!

By working out before a party or large family meal, you will prepare your body to be refueled. There will be a need to eat healthy food after a great workout before you see the family….then you will be able to go straight to top tip no1!

  1. Buy a dress or shirt and put it on every 3 days to see if it still fits at the end of the holidays too!

By buying a piece of clothing to wear before christmas and putting it on every few days, you will be able to see and feel how you are progressing!!!

  1. Portion control!

Be conscious about the size of your portion size and plate size at the family dinner table.

  1. Eat slower!

Work on eating and putting your knife and fork down in between taking a bite. This will help the mind register what the stomach is digesting!

  1.  If you drive, choose to drive and don’t drink!

Alcohol is high in calories and makes your mind make bad choices. Therefore a good idea is to not drink or find ways not too!

  1. Keep a food diary! 

You will be shocked about how much you will eat….seeing this in writing may act as a wake up call!!!

  1.  Eat and drink everything in sight and book “the bodycamp” !


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