Alex Kingston Slaps Matt Smith Until He Turns Red!

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Alex Kingston (pictured right), the actress who portrays the mysterious character known as River Song on the Doctor Who television series, recently admitted that she had fun hitting Matt Smith (pictured center), who plays the title character, while filming a scene for the popular show.

Kingston said, “I had to slap him many times, and his cheek was getting redder and redder and he was actually getting irritated. He lost his sense of humour I think after slap five, I don’t pull my punches. But the kiss was nice too. I didn’t have to kiss him so many times as I had to slap him. But they were both quite fun.”

Song, the time-travelling archaeologist with an enigmatic past and future, has appeared in several episodes of the BBC series and her true identity will finally be revealed in the upcoming series. Kingston is one of the few people who knows the truth about Song, but has kept this information a secret. The actress explained, “I do know who I am. I knew a lot before any of the others and I didn’t reveal a thing.”

The new series of Doctor Who premieres on BBC One on Saturday, April 23rd. Let’s hope Matt did not take his beating from Alex too personally. After all, the show must go on!

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