The Little Book of Diet Help: Taking off?

Exclusive interview with author Kimberly Willis and a review of her new diet book

Rating: 3 stars

Reviewed by Gabrielle Pantera

“Some people have asked why there isn’t a diet plan in my book,’ says The Little Book Of Diet Help author Kimberly Willis.

“When you understand more about yourself, emotionally and physically, and deal with any issues that are causing that weight to stay on, then you will find it easier to reach and maintain your ideal weight. To make permanent and positive changes people need to find a way to eat that works for them. For some people that might mean Weight Watchers or another diet plan. While for others, it might mean gradual changes to their eating habits.”
The Little Book Of Diet Help encourages you to think positively about yourself. Dr. Kimberly Willis has written an easy to read, practical book that uses tapping on acupressure points and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to help you think and act in positive ways. Turn off emotional eating and boost your energy. The book is small and easy to carry with you. Open it to any page and you’ll find something that can help you.

Willis is a hypnotherapist, EFT and NLP practitioner. “I decided to start a weight loss course [], and after running this for a while found that people were asking me to write up parts of the classes and they were sharing it with there friends.  This lead me to think about writing it as a book.”

Willis’ editor is Sarah Cantin at Atria Books. “Since I’m based in New York, I actually read and acquired the book before even meeting Kimberly. I was so impressed by her approach to weight loss. Kimberly and I were finally able to meet after we finished editing. I found everything she said approachable, useful, and reasonable. Throughout the editing process, I was struck by how well Kimberly understands and articulates her belief that your eating habits and your approach to your body can’t change by diet or exercise alone. Your thinking really has to change, too.”

Canton loved the concept of the book as a little ‘on-the-go’ coach, a book that you can keep in your handbag.  I believe that the more time you spend with The Little Book of Diet Help, the more that these mantras and affirmations will unconsciously sink in and begin to change your behaviors.”

Willis’ agent is Sophie Gordon at the Darley Anderson Agency. “When The Little Book of Diet Help came into the agency, its huge appeal and distinctive nature meant that we fell in love with it instantly,” says Gordon, “as did every publisher we sent it to.”

Willis found Gordon through the Writers and Artists, an annual book that lists agents.  “I narrowed it down to nine agents and two publishers,” says Willis. “I sent the book off, and the next day Sophie rang me saying that they would like to represent me. It was completely amazing!”

The Darley Anderson Agency persuaded publishers around the world, including in the U.S., to publish it in their language. “We believed in this book totally,” says Gordon. “We sold it hard and successfully in all markets. The publishers are working hard to get it into the public’s eye as there are a lot of people it could help.“  Gordon says U.S. publishers rarely buy British diet or self-help books.

Willis has written scientific papers in the past, for her previous career as a research chemist. She’s written many articles for UK magazines about hypnotherapy. She’s currently writing another therapy book.

Willis is based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom. She was born in London and grew up in Toronto.

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 The Little Book of Diet Help: Expert Tips and Tapping Techniques to Stay Slim–for Life by, Kimberly Willis. Hardcover, 192 pages, Publisher: Atria Books; 1 edition (December 6, 2011) • Language: English, ISBN: 9781451660685 $ 15.00