Craig Roberts for Hawaii Five-0

Brit Actor Craig Robert Young Back in Character For Hawaii Five-O…

No folks, this is not a rehash of an old story, but an interesting twist to a new one…NCIS: Los Angeles fans will be thrilled to know that their favourite baddie Dracul Comescu is alive well and hiding out in Honolulu… Betcha didn’t know that!

     In the last season of NCIS: LA, Comescu, played by British actor Craig Robert Young, was the last surviving member of a corrupt Romanian crime family who escaped the clutches of agents G. Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) after going on the run to Hawaii.

     Cue the Hawaii Five-O theme tune!

     Now, in a clever attempt to capture both audiences NCIS: LA – the number two highest-rated scripted show on U.S television has teamed up with hit series Hawaii Five-O, bringing back Dracul Comescu with a plot involving a virus outbreak which will potentially be weaponized. And beyond telling you that, my lips are super-glued!

     O’Donnell and Cool J (inset pic) will appear on “Five-O” for one episode, while in a separate episode, Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim-pictured) and Danny Williams (Scott Caan) will star on “NCIS.”

     The crossover occurs over two episodes in late April thru early May, during sweeps week when networks collect data on a shows’ popularity and determine its future.

     Show-runner Peter Lenkov revealed that the characters are already familiar with each other: “Chris and LL are going to come to Hawaii . . . There’s a bit of history there.”

     Craig Robert Young’s popular character is sure to get his comeuppance on “Five-O” and finally viewers will see this nail-biting saga come to and end once and for all… Or will they?

     Young’s spokesperson, Louisa Spring confirmed, “Yes, Craig is returning to the role and the script is amazing, but I can’t say anymore than that.”