Emma Watson spotted and Lynwood jail…good girl turned bad?

Emma Watson is known the world over for being a miss goody-two-shoes both on and off screen, the ultimate English rose.

But the Harry Potter star has caused quite a stir after being seen hanging around outside Los Angeles infamous Lynwood jail…

Therefore, can it be… Watson turned bad girl?

Fear not fans, the beautiful young actress was merely filming her new movie, The Bling Ring, based on the real-life story of a gang of teenagers known then as the ‘bling bandits’ who burgled stars such as Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan between October of 2008 through to August 2009,

21-year-old Watson plays Nicki, one of gang members and in these latest scenes she is seen wearing a very short skirt whilst checking into Lynwood jail…which happens to be the same jail where Lohan, Hilton and Nicole Richie served time!

The film is the latest project of Sofia Coppola and is set for release next year and it would appear everyone onboard is enjoying filming.

Watson wrote on Twitter last week: ‘Filming Bling Ring is going great.’

As Israel would say, ‘we are saying this!’… It sounds a far cry from her Harry Potter days and I for one cannot wait to get a glimpse of the new ‘wicked Watson’… Er, on screen as least. We wouldn’t really want her to turn bad now, would we?