Eyes on the ball, Gezza!

Ok, so, I’m no mind reader, but it wasn’t too difficult to work out the thoughts of heartthrob film star, Gerard Butler as he ogled a hot LA Lakers’ cheerleader from the front row of last Sunday night’s NBA game.

Butler’s got that classic ‘do I or don’t I?’ look written all over his face… And of course, the actor did, um… have a good look!

In the past, David Beckham has mastered the ‘ignorance is bless, look-up-at-the-ceiling’ routine. However, Becks does have his wife Victoria to think about, and it’s probably wise to stay in her good books, dontcha think!?

Bachelor Gerard on the other hand, does as he pleases…and in this case the Butler did it! In fact, he sat court-side with the biggest smile on his face watching the girls shaking their tushes. It was clear his focus was on the balls… If you get my drift!

Good on you Gezza, we’d have all done the same, given half-a-chance!

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